The Token powering the unstoppable mobile network

Earn World Mobile Token by Connecting the World

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    WMT fuels the World Mobile network to empower 2.9 billion unconnected people through the sharing economy.

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    Claim your stake in the blockchain-powered mobile network taking over the world.

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    Earn rewards from disrupting a trillion-dollar telco industry.

How World Mobile Token works

Own it. Share it.

Earn from it.

In the World Mobile Token ecosystem, rewards are earned by either operating a node and providing services to customers on the network or staking your WMT to node operators.

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    EarthNode Operator

    Earn WMT every day by running an EarthNode. Work as the engine of the World Mobile ecosystem. Process transactions and help secure the network.

    Rewards are automatically generated for each transaction processed through your EarthNode.

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    AirNode Operator

    Earn rewards for running an AirNode. Bring the power of World Mobile to your community. Offer access to the network for calls, text and data.

    Rewards are generated each time a user connects to your AirNode.

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    Earn rewards by staking your WMT to a node operator and help secure the network with our proof-of-stake consensus. An unprecedented opportunity to claim your stake in a global mobile operator. Join the movement, connect the unconnected and grow with the network.

    Rewards are generated and can be claimed in your Vault.

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    AetherNode Operator

    Earn rewards for running an AetherNode connected to traditional networks. Be the bridge between World Mobile and legacy infrastructure to deliver seamless connectivity. Grow your earnings as a titan of the network.

    Rewards are generated based on the volume of traffic processed by your AetherNode.

“This can be the biggest mobile network in the world”

The Vault

The Vault is a secure non-custodial application where you can connect your wallet, easily manage your rewards and stake your WMT.

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    You own and have complete control over the WMT in your Vault.
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    Manage your rewards in a single application.
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    Information in your Vault is encrypted and stored locally.

Open Vault and Start Earning

Create your Vault, connect your wallet and start earning rewards from the World Mobile Token ecosystem.

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    Earn Rewards

    Stake your tokens or operate a node to earn rewards in WMT.

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    Watch your Earnings Grow

    View your projected rewards and watch them grow with the network.

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    Claim your Stake

    Benefit from disrupting the trillion-dollar telco industry.

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