We know everyone has questions about staking in the public pool and reserving Earth Nodes to earn early rewards. Staking is just around the corner, so let’s get ready by answering all your questions regarding Early Staking Rewards.

1. How does staking and reserving work?

In under 15 minutes, watch these tutorials on how to stake in the public pool or reserve Earth Nodes:

During the staking process, if you are using an address from a different wallet than you used for the TGE, you’ll need to show proof of ownership by sending a specific amount of ADA to an address from the new wallet. Only a brand new and empty address can be used to make the proof.

2. Can I stake in the public pool and reserve Earth Nodes?

Yes, you can do both. You’ll need to use one wallet for the public pool and a different wallet for reserving Earth Nodes. The two addresses must be from different wallets. To add a new address, you’ll need to show proof of ownership by sending a specific amount of ADA to an address from the new wallet where you are holding, or plan to hold WMT to stake in the public pool, or reserve an Earth Node.

3. When will Early Staking start?

Early Staking will start soon, a few date will be announced for staking in the public pool and reserving Earth Nodes.

4. When will Early Staking end?

Early Staking will close six months from the start date.

5. Are there any geographic restrictions?

Nope! If you have enough WMT you can stake in the public pool or reserve an Earth Node.

6. Where is staking initiated? In the vault, or wallet?

Staking is initiated in the vault, but your tokens and ADA remain in your own wallet (Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite, or even your hardware wallet). Inside the vault, you’ll need to choose if you want to stake in the public pool or reserve Earth Nodes.

7. How will proof of ownership work?

We will ask you to transfer a certain amount of ADA that you, and only you would know.

This is only necessary if you’re planning to stake and reserve using an address from a different wallet than the one you used for the TGE. There is no KYC required at this stage.

8. Can my staking rewards be withdrawn at any point?

Yes, you can withdraw your staking rewards at any time. However, in order to earn rewards, you’ll need to hold the snapshot amount for 30 days from when the threshold has been reached. When the threshold is reached, a snapshot of the balance in your wallet (and any pending rewards) is taken. If you remove tokens and the balance goes below the snapshot amount (aka minimum balance) you’ll lose your staking rewards for that threshold.

Tip: By holding your tokens until April 11, 2022, you’ll compound your rewards and avoid extra transaction fees.

9. What’s the minimum I need to keep in my wallet to reserve an Earth Node?

You must hold a minimum of 100,000 WMT per Earth Node until Early Staking ends on April 11, 2022. If you go below the minimum amount you will lose the Earth Node reservation. Remember that even if you’re earning rewards on a monthly basis for your Earth Nodes, you can only collect them when the programme ends in six months.

10. Can you move your WMT from the public pool to Earth Nodes without any implication?

If you switch outside of the 30-day threshold window there is no implication other than reducing your stake and the global stake in the public pool.

11. What happens to the public pool when all thresholds are met?

The public pool will be closed (not just for winter). Earth Node reservations will run for the entire 6-months. So, if you made a good return from the public pool and have at least 100,000 WMT, you can reserve an Earth Node with a new wallet and proof of ownership.

12. Are there any transaction fees for staking or reserving?

There are only transaction fees on completing a proof of ownership and when you claim your rewards. So, waiting until the Early Rewards Programme ends on April 11, 2022 and to claiming all your rewards at once will mean you minimise transaction fees.

13. Why are there transaction fees for claiming rewards?

All token transactions in Cardano require a certain amount of ADA to be sent along with the tokens. So, you will have to pay the transaction fee by sending some ADA to us, and we will pay the (slightly higher) transaction fee of sending those ADA back to you, along with the WMT.

14. Is it possible to prove ownership before 11 a.m. on October 11?

No, it’s not possible.

15. If I stake let’s say 5000 WMT and after 20 days I remove 1000 WMT, do I lose all my staking rewards?

You’ll need to maintain the snapshot (minimum balance) for 30 days after the threshold has been reached to earn rewards. If you remove WMT and no longer have the minimum balance, you will lose rewards for that threshold. Losing rewards in one threshold does not affect previous or future thresholds.

16. What would be the minimum lockable amount?

There is no minimum to stake in the public pool. You can see how many tokens are needed to reach each threshold in the Early Staking Rewards doc.

The minimum amount of WMT needed to reserve an Earth Node is 100,000 WMT. In any case, if you don’t mind losing rewards, you can withdraw your tokens at any time.

17. How can we be sure that the network can handle all the traffic on October 11?

Since the TGE we’ve been optimising the vault and web application. The platform’s codebase was the same one that handled the TGE and supported thousands of requests per minute, without the servers loading over 15% at any point. We have full faith in our development team and we’re ready for action.

On the blockchain side, Cardano is a way more efficient network than some of the competitors, so we don’t anticipate any delays (especially if you’re using a full node wallet, like Daedalus, and you synced it beforehand).

18. How do you know which Earth Node you reserved?

In the dashboard, you’ll see the Earth Node number very clearly. For more info watch this tutorial on reserving an Earth Node. Some of the UX has been updated since filming, but the general flow will be the same.

19. Will making an ADA transaction with our wallet trigger a WMT movement?

If you’re using an address with an associated staking key this won’t be a problem. The system will check all of the addresses related to the same wallet.

20. I have two vaults with a single wallet. Will I need to stake them separately or are they now combined?

A wallet can be used in only one vault, but one vault can be used by more than one wallet (one for Staking, another for Earth Node reservations).

21. What happens if I (or a group) used the same wallet for different vaults, using different addresses?

You will have to follow the proof of ownership process in one of the vaults, and you won’t be able to use the same wallet for staking in any of the of the other vaults.

22. If I do not want to stake my full balance, should I move the amount I want to keep to another wallet?

Yes. You should.

23. Do I need to delegate to some other pool before staking?


24. If I move ADA and redelegate pools in the wallet that contains WMT will it affect my staking rewards?

Not if you keep your WMT in the same wallet.

25. If I have more than 100,000 WMT do I need to split it up for staking and reserving?

Only if you want to. You can reserve up to 5 Earth Nodes using the same wallet.

26. Can I send the proof of ownership from any wallet?

You bet!

27. Here’s a riddle: Let’s say I’m staking 10,000 WMT in the public pool. Then let’s say I purchase another 10,000 WMT and keep it in the same wallet along with my previous WMT now totalling 20K WMT, do I have to manually stake the new 10K WMT OR is it automatically staked?

If you send the new amount of WMT to the same wallet, staking will be automatic.

28. I was experimenting with my Yoroi wallet and it seems like I can only send X amount of ADA (without letting me define the amount of ADA to send). Does that mean proof of ownership requires two transfers? One for ADA and one for WMT?

You only need proof of ownership if you plan to stake in the public pool and reserve Earth Nodes, or if you are using a wallet different to the one you used for the TGE. For proof of ownership, you’ll need to send the ADA to an empty unused address belonging to the wallet you want to prove ownership for. You can have your WMT beforehand in a different address in the same wallet, or send them later.

29. Will Early Staking Rewards be sent to the TGE address? Or if I split between Earth Node reservations and public pool will the rewards go to each address?

Early Staking Rewards will be sent to the address that you declare in the vault for the public pool, or for the Earth Node reservation, whether you used the address in the TGE or not.

Before you go, take the time to review these resources so you’re more than ready for the big day when Staking and Earth Node reservation start.