We know everyone has questions about staking now that the public sale is over. As usual, we’ll do our best to update you on important dates so you can get ready. In the meantime, here are answers to common questions regarding the close of the sale what to expect next:

1. When will I get my WMT

Since Cardano smart contracts are not yet available, we’ll be distributing tokens manually, so expect to see WMT in your Cardano wallet by the beginning of September. We’ll also be manually sending refunds in the specified coin to anyone who overpaid for tokens. Token distribution will take a bit of time since we need to verify that everyone has set the correct receiving address.

If you haven’t already, please confirm your receiving address now:

  1. Unlock your vault
  2. Click CLAIM in your vault dashboard
  3. Verify your Cardano address to receive your WMT. It needs to be a Shelley-era wallet starting with ‘addr1’.
  4. Click CONFIRM AND CLAIM to complete the process. You won’t be able to change the address, so make sure it’s correct. You’ll be notified when WMT is sent.

2. How will WMT show up in my wallet?

WMT will show up in your Yoroi, ADA Lite, Daedelus or any other wallet that accepts Cardano Native tokens. You can have both ADA and WMT in the same wallet.

3. How do I get back the extra funds I overpaid on WMT or on an incomplete transaction?

If you overpaid for tokens, you’ll be able to request a refund claim minus handling fees. Inside the vault dashboard, click on CLAIM to set the receiving address you’d like to send funds to. Keep in mind, we process refunds manually, and it’s very labour-intensive, which is why we have a handling fee. In some cases, the fee may be more than the overpayment making it non-refundable.

You also have the option to donate any overpayments to the World Mobile mission (no pressure).

4. When will staking start and how does it work?

We will release further information on staking and reserving Earth Nodes as soon as we can. In the meantime, prepare by reading our Early Staking Rewards Doc or watching Early Staking Explained. Be on the lookout for announcements in your inbox or Telegram.

We know not everyone had a chance to purchase tokens during the sale. We’re sorry if you missed this opportunity and we hope you can join the World Mobile sharing economy in the future.

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