Dear World Mobile community,

As I am typing this letter, I am humbled to inform you that the World Mobile Token sale was concluded successfully and tokens have been distributed.

This is a milestone for World Mobile and a vision I’ve lived with for many years. These moments define us. They reinforce our belief in ourselves and those around us. They show us we can make a difference at scale and change the world.

We are amid a crisis, arguably the planet’s most significant. Right now, nearly four billion humans have been left offline because of greed and irresponsibility. Consequently, half the world’s population is increasingly disconnected, experiences poor education, healthcare, and a lack of economic freedom.

Over the last four years, we’ve been developing new economic models to bring underserved and disconnected areas online using unlicensed spectrums, blockchain technology, and our telecoms expertise. We sweat blood to create proofs-of-concept across all types of terrain to create the solutions that we’ve got in hand today. We now know the challenges that we’re going to face in connecting the unconnected. They’re real, plentiful, and shouldn’t be underestimated. But we also know that we’re the most equipped to fight this battle.

I’m so proud and thankful to the team for their effort over the last four years and eternally grateful for their commitment and unwavering loyalty to creating a more connected world.

Achieving this goal hasn’t just been a result of the last four years. It took twenty years of my adult life to gain and master the skills needed to build World Mobile. And it took just six weeks for you, the World Mobile community, to join forces and kickstart the sharing economy.

As my two sons, Marley and Phoenix say, leave no person behind.

I firmly believe all are equal. All are free, and all deserve connectivity.

We are #StrongerConnected.

Micky Watkins
World Mobile Group Founder and CEO, Micky is a telecoms entrepreneur and futurist. He’s raised millions in VC and private funding from institutions such as Deutsche Telekom and Carmel Ventures amongst others. Founder of Yallo, the first VOIP platform of its kind, Micky spent the last decade developing solutions and business models that change the way we connect.