How to bid in the EarthNode Auction


The EarthNode Auction officially begins on 31 May, allowing World Mobile Tokens holders to bid on EarthNodes and claim their role as the heartbeat of the World Mobile network.

Bidding in the EarthNode Auction is straightforward and can be done entirely through the Vault. Note that to bid in an auction, you will need to hold 100,000 WMT as a pledge amount in addition to the amount you end up paying for your EarthNode.

To get started, create a Vault if you do not have one already and link your wallet where your WMT is held.

Once you open your Vault, you will see an EarthNode Auction tab at the top of the interface. Switch to this tab to get started.

The EarthNode Auction tab

EarthNode Auction Tab

Under the EarthNode Auction tab, you’ll find details about each EarthNode Auction and instructions for bidding. At the top is your wallet address, your balance, and the available balance you can use to bid in these auctions.

You’ll need at least 100,000 tokens – your pledge - plus the bid amount to be able to participate. This means that to place a bid of 10,000 WMT, you will need at least 110,000 tokens in your wallet (the pledge plus your bid).

Below that is a list of live auctions and those you’ve participated in. We’ll get to this part later. Finally, you’ll see the five upcoming auctions and those that have already ended.

The bidding process

EarthNode Auction Review Bid

Upcoming auctions are listed alongside a countdown. Once this countdown ends, the auction is open and you will be able to bid. Every auction will be open for eight hours, at least at the beginning. These time ranges could change in the future.

During this time, you will be able to bid in the auction. It’s important to note that you can only bid in one auction at a time. You’ll need to choose one of the ongoing auctions and select ‘Place Bid’ to bid on that EarthNode.

A pop-up will appear for you to review your bid. If you accept, the bid will be confirmed and, from that moment on, you will be in the race to get your EarthNode.

The platform will also update to show you the auctions you are participating in and the current status of your bid:

Live Auctions Tab

Be careful… you can still be outbid!

While the auction is open, you will need to compete against others that are also bidding on your EarthNode. The first time you re-enter the Vault after being outbid, a pop-up will let you know and invite you to place a new bid.

You can dismiss that pop-up and place a new bid later if you want - but just keep an eye on the time the auction is ending!

EarthNode Auction Outbid

Payment and confirmation

Once the auction ends, if you placed the highest bid and won the EarthNode, you will see the auction status on the screen, and you will also receive an email with the payment details.

EarthNode Auction Payments

The platform will display a countdown with the remaining time you have to send the payment, as well as showing your pledge of 100,000 WMT and your bid amount.

Remember, you only need to send the bid amount to the payment address. The pledge is the amount you must keep in your wallet after receiving an EarthNode.

Please remember that confirming a bid implies the payment of that bid. If you refuse to send the tokens after confirming a bid, you may be banned from the auction platform and will not be able to participate in any other auction.

After you have paid the bid amount, your EarthNode will be shown in the “My Auctions” section, and after a few minutes it will also appear in your Vault’s EarthNodes tab.

And that’s how you can reserve your own EarthNode and become a core part of the World Mobile network.

Thanks for reading, and happy bidding!