Monthly roundup – May 2022


From an EarthNode Auction to our rollout deployment and dev diaries, it’s been a busy May. Check out all the highlights from this month:

EarthNode Auction goes live

The 31st of May saw the launch of our EarthNode Auction, allowing WMT holders to bid for the few remaining EarthNodes.

Those who own and run EarthNodes can earn rewards from processing transactions whilst helping to secure the network. They are in high demand, so read how it works and get your bids in.

Early staking rewards and Twitterversary

This month, stakers were able to either claim their token rewards or leave them to compound.

We celebrated World Mobile Token’s one-year Twitter anniversary with an epic trivia quiz and hoodie giveaway.

Deployment Diary Live

The network rollout teams are really delivering on the ground in Zanzibar, and the first instalment of the Deployment Diary gives a comprehensive update on what the teams are doing. You’ll also find an overview of our deployment strategy going forward and our latest plans to expand to other countries. Keep an eye out for the next instalment.

Want to know what the dev team are up to?

The Dev Diary is the place to find out. The devs will update you every month with the latest from the web, nodes, blockchain, native apps, systems engineering and infosec teams.

Calling all AirNode Operators

We kick-started the next part of the sharing economy with our first advertising campaign in Zanzibar. We’re calling for local entrepreneurs to apply to become AirNode operators and deliver coverage to their communities. Check out our first billboard.

If you’ve ever wondered how easy it is to set up an AirNode, then let our CTO, Antonio Hernández, show you how – with the aid of his extremely cute dogs, of course!

The power of the World Mobile network: streaming Fulham FC to Zanzibar

In the CCM Social Hall in Zanzibar we demonstrated the power of an AirNode by streaming a football match live from London and providing Internet access to 500 people in the process.

And of course our partners, Fulham FC, reached the Premier League. To celebrate this achievement, we gave away a season ticket to the lucky winner of our competition.

Answering your questions

Micky hosted a great Twitter Spaces AMA with the leadership team, it’s well worth a listen.

In the news

World Mobile picked up plenty of press this month, and our vision for connecting the unconnected was spread by over 50 different outlets. Some of the highlights include:

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