The Sweetest Integration on the World Mobile Network. World Mobile x SundaeSwap Labs


Our partnership with SundaeSwap Labs is much more than just listing on one of the first and largest decentralised exchanges on Cardano. Here’s why.

Introducing DeFi to the Newly Connected

World Mobile’s vision is to connect the unconnected, but what happens after they have been connected? By collaborating with SundaeSwap, we are able to offer the newly connected access to decentralised finance services. SundaeSwap has agreed to work with us to help integrate a white label access portal both on web or mobile to a decentralised exchange (DEX) that World Mobile can offer to our customer base. SundaeSwap in collaboration with World Mobile Token will develop a DEX with integration and tech development for the benefit of both parties on the DEX.

What is a Decentralised Exchange?

A DEX is an ownerless marketplace for efficient digital asset transactions. Unlike centralised exchanges, a DEX does not have a central owner and aims to democratize ownership and share the profits. Participants can put their capital to work, providing liquidity to pairs of cryptocurrencies, creating greater liquidity on the DEX. In return, participants who provide liquidity are rewarded. SundaeSwap will be pioneering this movement on the Cardano network, and we are excited to be leading the way as one of the most innovative tokens on the protocol. The user experience is easier than centralised exchanges as a DEX simply asks to connect to your wallet and the transaction is done via smart contract.

Why SundaeSwap?

SundaeSwap is one of the first of Cardano’s DEXes to launch, and has attracted the largest supporter base out of all its peers. It is likely that Sundae will have the largest amount of liquidity available, and will be offering trading pairs on the Cardano blockchain including ADA, WMT and the DJED Stablecoin.

Highest Liquidity Availability

SundaeSwap will offer ADA and other Cardano Native Tokens including World Mobile Tokens immediately upon launching. The most liquid pairs will include ADA/WMT, SUNDAE/WMT and SUNDAE/ADA. We are delighted that World Mobile Token will be one of the main pairs available on Sundae, WMT will have significant liquidity on Sundae Swap, and as other Cardano Native Tokens are added to Sundae’s protocol, WMT will be able to be traded against them.

Additional Utility for World Mobile Token

World Mobile Token can be staked off-chain via the Vault as per the Early Staking Phase 2 Programme. However, our partnership and integration with SundaeSwap allows for another use of the token. SundaeSwap will have a World Mobile Token liquidity pool, where individuals can choose to provide liquidity in the form of WMT and be rewarded in Liquidity Pair (LP) Tokens. LP Tokens can be traded back for WMT.

Our Shared Vision

”It was important for us to find a partner working in the Cardano ecosystem that is as forward-thinking and conscious of creating a positive impact as we are. We’re really proud to kick off our partnership with SundaeSwap with this listing and look forward to developing the relationship further.” - Zachary Vann, Director of Australasia Affairs

”World Mobile’s goal is to connect the unconnected and incorporate the SundaeSwap AMM into the World Mobile app will be one of the first innovations of DeFi on Cardano within the mobile landscape. We believe the team at World Mobile are doing something truly special and are excited to be one of their partners.” - Mateen Motavaf, Chief Executive Officer of SundaeSwap Labs

This partnership will align us with other projects in the Cardano ecosystem that support our mission, so together, we can make the world a more connected place.

Isaac Tan
Isaac Tan is a Consultant at World Mobile with substantial experience in the Crypto Markets. He has a background in equities and later in crypto. He has provided analysis, advice and support to ultra high net worth investors, stockbrokers and financial services professionals. Isaac has a deep understanding of digital assets, decentralised finance and blockchain technology.