What is an EarthNode?


EarthNodes explained – The heartbeat of World Mobile

Curious about how our blockchain is run? Maybe you heard about our EarthNode Auction, where World Mobile Token (WMT) holders bid to buy and own the EarthNodes that power the unstoppable World Mobile network?

But what exactly are EarthNodes, and how do they drive the sharing economy that underpins our network?

Let’s take a look at how EarthNodes accomplish all this and how their operators earn rewards. At the end, we’ll explain how they are reserved and allocated to owners.

What is an EarthNode?

EarthNodes are the heartbeat of World Mobile. They connect all the other types of nodes on the network, process transactions on the World Mobile Chain and offer valuable services to users. These include authentication, identity, blockchain, internode communication, and telecommunications services.

It is these services that allow the World Mobile network to deliver a better, fairer model for the Internet – things like decentralised identity (DID), data sovereignty and affordable global communication are made possible by the integration of telecommunications with the self-governing World Mobile Chain, powered by EarthNodes.

The data traffic from World Mobile users is processed and verified by EarthNodes, who use a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to secure the digital ledger and act as decentralised service providers that ensure the privacy of all users on the network.

Unlike AirNodes, which offer mobile connection to users in an area, EarthNodes can be run from anywhere in the world. If you’ve reserved an EarthNode and own an EarthNode NFT, you’ll be able to install the node software on your Internet-connected device, configure the modules to match your hardware and begin earning rewards for acting as a decentralised validator on the World Mobile Chain.

EarthNode modules and the Internode API

EarthNodes are made up of a number of software modules that communicate through the Internode API.

These modules including the following:

  • A decentralised identity (DID) module that provides an authentication layer and identity services.
  • A blockchain module that provides the distributed ledger layer.
  • A telecom module that provides telecommunications services.

In the blockchain module, a distributed ledger records transactions that take place on the network and anonymises this data before publishing it to the public ledger. There also is a linked private ledger component that stores the full encrypted transaction information to ensure the privacy of users.

Managing data on the blockchain like this means users retain control over their personal data, preventing it from being collected and sold without their permission.

The telecom module handles communications and routes traffic from end-users. While you can run an EarthNode from anywhere in the world, being closer to a part of the World Mobile network means you’re more likely to route more traffic, as this module’s algorithm is weighted for proximity to improve performance and quality.

The DID module is the part of the EarthNode that handles digital identity, authentication and credential management. As user identities are encrypted and managed on our decentralised network, this enables users to enjoy all the features of digital identity as well as greater privacy than they would have on traditional networks.

EarthNode Operators must run the blockchain module, but they can choose to run any of the other modules they want, depending on what works best with their hardware. The Internode API is responsible for communication between all nodes and subsystems on the network. It is a bridge between the DID module, the telecom module and the blockchain, and it also connects other node type to the EarthNode network and World Mobile Chain.

Earning rewards from an EarthNode

Whether EarthNode operators choose to run one module or all of them, they can earn rewards for providing the services above.

Because they run the infrastructure and data processing for the World Mobile network, EarthNode operators earn a percentage of the costs paid by the end-user. This amount depends on which services they run and how much traffic is processed through their EarthNode, incentivising operators to deliver a good, stable Internet connection and high-quality service.

Rewards are generated for every transaction processed by an EarthNode, and they are paid directly into the operator’s wallet as an amount in WMT. This is one reason why EarthNodes are so sought after - they allow operators to use their own or cloud hardware to earn passive income and grow their rewards for the network.

How to get an EarthNode

EarthNodes were first made available to WMT holders at the end of 2021. By staking an amount of at least 100,000 WMT through the Vault for a limited time, users could reserve their EarthNode.

Once this period ended on 11th April 2022, those who met this reservation requirement ensured that they would receive an EarthNode NFT – a unique token representing their ownership of their EarthNode that is required to be an EarthNode Operator.

A number of the 1,000 available EarthNodes reserved through this programme were cancelled by users, however, which led to the EarthNode Auction – a second chance for WMT holders to reserve these EarthNodes.

This auction opened on 31st May 2022, allowing users to bid on the last available EarthNodes and claim their EarthNode NFT and their place at the core of the network.

If a user was unable to reserve an EarthNode, they are still able to earn rewards by delegating their stake to existing nodes. In this way, WMT holders can earn a share of rewards passively by simply linking their Cardano wallet to their Vault.

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