Stake and earn WMT.

Connect billions of people
in Africa and beyond.

Earn rewards as the network grows.

We’re building a mesh network using hybrid spectrum, renewable energy, and blockchain technology. Earth Nodes are the backbone of our network and process all transactions on our blockchain.

As an Earth Node operator, you’ll secure our network and earn WMT as per the tokenomics model. Since our network is based on the sharing economy, as the network grows so do your rewards.

Together, we can bring connectivity to billions of people in Africa and beyond.

Unlock a trillion-dollar telecoms industry.

Be one of the first to buy WMT and earn rewards as the network grows.

Create equal access to the Internet.

Bring the Internet to everyone, everywhere, and open access to digital banking, education, and healthcare.

Distribute ownership of our network.

Secure the network so it remains sustainable for generations to come.

What you can do with WMT:

Our network runs on WMT processed on the blockchain, which means you can use it to:

Secure the network by staking
or delegating an Earth Node.
Easily transfer peer-to-peer
or pay online.
Cover calls, texts, data usage
or online services.

Max Supply

We’re releasing 10% into circulating supply (200 million). The rest will be released over 20 years.

Stake tokens to become an Earth Node operator and join our network. You’ll earn rewards on a daily basis for your honest participation and for every transaction processed through your node.

Supply distribution

  • Node operators 29%
  • Co-founders & team 19.25%
  • Partnerships 7.85%
  • Private sale 2.5%
  • Early staking rewards 2.5%
  • Operation fund 18%
  • Public Sale10%
  • Advisors 5.9%
  • Community fund 2.0%
  • Incentive rewards 3.0%

Network inflation over time.

Pre-stake the first 10% and earn extra rewards.

Earn WMT for being one of the first to secure the network and kickstart the sharing economy.

How it works

Click “Buy Tokens”.
Create a private vault.
Verify your account.
Buy WMT with crypto: ADA, BNB, BTC, DAI, and ETH.
Receive tokens in your Cardano wallet.
Hold or stake your WMT.

Team and advisors behind World Mobile.

Our core 36-person team has worked together for over a decade, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in VC, while building and exiting multiple 8 and 9 figure businesses in the telecoms space.
Earn Rewards

Investing in a better future for everyone.

Right now half the world is not connected to the Internet—that’s 1 in 2 people. We believe that together we can go the extra mile to bridge this digital divide and open a world of possibilities.
Build The Future

Frequently asked questions.

Q: When will the WMT Token Generation Event (TGE) open?

A: We’ll open pre-registrations on April 29, 2021, and launch the TGE soon after that.

Q: How much WMT is required to stake an Earth Node?

A: You can stake your tokens into the pre-stake pool or reserve an Earth Node with 100,000 WMT.

Q: When will I receive my WMT?

A: After you’ve created your vault, you’ll need to supply a destination Cardano address for the WMT to get sent to. Tokens will be distributed at the end of the TGE.

Q: What do I do if I miss my spot?

A: You’ll automatically get re-queued as long as there are tokens from the public sale still available. Check your vault to see your spot in the queue.

Q: What is the conversion rate?

A: The conversion rate is calculated when you are at the front of the queue and click Buy Tokens. You will have 24 hours to purchase from when you receive the email notification, using the cryptocurrency currency of your choice.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can buy?

A: The minimum amount of WMTs you can buy is 1000 WMT ($200).

Q: Why do I have to do KYC?

A: It is a legal requirement as part of the anti-money laundering and terror financing prevention regulations to check the identity of every participant. We will not use this data, or share with anyone else. The personal data is stored by our KYC provider Acuant for a period of time, to conform with KYC/AML processes. We will keep your email address in our database to be able to send you notifications throughout the token purchase process.

Q: Which countries are permitted for the token sale?

A: Countries within the EU, UK, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, UAE, and Norway. We’ll update this list as more countries get added. Interested in requesting another location? Contact us .

Q: What are the token metrics?

A: Total supply: 2,000,000,000
Type: Native token on the Cardano blockchain
Decimal Point: 6
Ticker: WMT

Q: How do I buy WMT?

A: Here’s how it works:

  • Pre-register and get notified when you can create your private vault.
  • Complete KYC.
  • Get notified when WMT opens.
  • Enter the queue to buy tokens with ADA, BNB, BTC, DAI, or ETH. You’ll need a Cardano address to receive tokens.
  • Get notified when it’s your turn to buy.
  • Make your purchase within 24hrs.
  • Receive a purchase confirmation.

Q: What happens if something goes wrong?

A: We have you covered. If you lose your vault details, do not complete KYC, or verify your email address, any funds you deposited will be returned to the originating wallet, minus fees, at the end of the TGE.

Q: What is “the vault”?

A: The vault is a secure, encrypted home for your personal information including email, identity, deposits, and the destination address for your WMT. All vault information is encrypted and stored by you (we don’t store your vault information).

Q: How many tokens are on sale for the World Mobile TGE?

A: 10% of the token supply is being released in the public sale.

Q: What do I need to participate?

A: You will need to create a private vault and complete KYC before you can participate. You will need to accept the confirmation requirements and a Cardano wallet to be able to receive WMTs. If you have a problem please .

Q: When will I receive my WMTs?

A: You will receive your WMTs when the public sale closes at the end of the TGE.

Q: When will the mainnet be launched?

A: The WMTs are Cardano native tokens and therefore benefit from being immediately active on the Cardano network. However, WMT will also be used as the Proof of Stake token on the World Mobile Chain network which is estimated to be launched by Q4 2021- Q1 2022.

Q: Which wallets are supported for receipt of WMTs?

A: You must use a Cardano wallet that supports native tokens such as Daedalus or Yoroi. We do not support Cardano addresses from exchanges.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can buy?

A: We will be limiting the number of tokens one person can buy at a time.

  • Week 1

$100K (USD)

  • Week 2

$250K (USD)

  • Week 3

$500K (USD)

  • Week 4

$1M (USD)

  • Week 5

$2M (USD)

How does blockchain fit into telecoms?

Blockchain is a part of our technology stack and
is used in a number of ways.

  • Trust

Transaction validating “on-chain” cannot be changed later.

  • Efficiency

Smart contracts enable the replacement of many bureacucratic and administrative layers making the solution more efficient.

  • Digital ID

Enables millions of users to bridge the digital divide and gain economic freedom.

  • Sharing economy

Node owners and operators are rewarded automatically through the token economics of the blockchain enabling rapid growth of the network.

  • Self-data governance

Giving users privacy and control over their own data.

  • Community

Enables distributed ownership of the infrastructure, allowing for scalable, continuous fundraising.

When the world calls,
will you pick up?

Connect the unconnected and earn
rewards as the network grows.